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Reliable, competent supply source for chemicals
The Business Unit Advanced Industrial Intermediates is one of the leading suppliers of Advanced Industrial Intermediates worldwide. Our comprehensive product portfolio and our longterm production expertise combine to make us a proven partner for our customers in almost all industries.

The business unit now holds strong market positions in all product lines. Our success is based on dedicated customer focus and strict market orientation resulting in the ability to pinpoint market trends and identify business opportunities at an early stage.We attach particular importance to high quality and delivery reliability for our customers.

Partnership, trust and contentment are not just keywords for us. The continuous improvement of the relationship with our partners is a vital part of our business philosophy. Regular execution of customer satisfaction analyses is just one of many other methods to fulfill this claim.


Main products and brand names
Aromatic compounds form the core of the product range. Chlorobenzenes, chlorotoluenes, nitrotoluenes together with their derivates such as nitrochlorobenzenes, cresols, toluidines and monoisocyanates are manufactured within an integrated cluster of compound production plants. Furthermore benzyl products are manufactured in two dedicated production plants starting from toluene.

The Business Unit Advanced Industrial Intermediates is also a leading manufacturer of amines, oxidation products such as phthalic anhydride and maleic anhydride, polyols such as trimethylol propane and hexanediol, adipic acid, hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid, thionyl chloride, sulfuryl chloride, hydrazine hydrate and calcium sulfate (anhydrite binder) which is used as a bonding agent in floor paving.

We are a global partner in the manufacture, marketing and development of specialty organometallic products used in polymer production, synthesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals, in processes for the production of semiconductor devices and photovoltaic modules, in glass coating and automotive anticorrosion coatings.

In addition, the Business Unit Advanced Industrial Intermediates  has a comprehensive portfolio of  antidegradants such as phenylenediamines, amines, monophenols and bisphenols. As well as accelerators like mercaptobenzimidazols, thiazoles, sulfenamides and furthermore peptizing agents (Dibenzamido-diphenyl-disulfide).


The main brands are:
Baynox® and Baynox® Plus increase shelf life of biodiesel by preventing premature oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid esters

Bayowet® as flame retardant for polymers.

Diphyl® organic heat transfer fluids

Vulkanox® antidegradants which protect the vulcanizates against external influences and/or antioxidants for the stabilization of organic compounds prior to oxidation. Applications: elastomers, latices, polyetherpolyoles, mineral oils, fuel, adhesives, paint, printing inks, aliphatic and cyclic ether, vegetable oils and plastics.

Vulkacit® vulcanization accelerators for sulfur cross-linking

Renacit® mastication agents for natural rubber

Axion® series: organometallic products with numerous applications in polymerization co-catalysis, glass coating, production of pharmaceuticals, high purity metal organic intermediates for the semiconductor industry

Bergkamen, Brunsbüttel, Dormagen, Krefeld-Uerdingen, Leverkusen (all in Germany); Antwerp (BE), Baytown and Bushy Park (USA),Liyang (China), Jhagadia and Nagda (India), Pyeongtaek, South Korea, Mapleton (USA)

Main Applications:
Agriculture, cosmetics/flavor&fragrances, polymers, pigments/dyes, paints, transportation/lubricants, tires, technical rubber goods, construction, Glass coating, semiconductors, photovoltaic


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