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Europe, Middle East, Africa
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Ahmed Zeharaoui, except Heat Transfer Fluids
Arico, Gus
Arico, Gus Advanced Industrial Intermediates
Bacha, Anwar
Börsch, Heiko Product Manager 1,6 Hexandiol, Phthalic acid anhydride
Bosbach, Tobias Product Manager Trimethylpropan and Di-TMP, Calcium Formiat
Brückner, Markus Product Manager Hydrofluoric Acid
Brüggenolte, Patrick Product Manager
Burkhardt, Carsten Product Referent Hydrofluoric Acid Product Manager Bayowet C4
Craig, James Plant Manager
Cwik, Marco Product Manager Adapic Acid
Dandashi, Bashar
Davison, Alan
Deutsch, Stephan Head of Business Line Poloyls & Oxidation Products
Ertl, Michael Head of AII BIA
Eyraud, Christine
Fathalizadeh, Hamid
Fink, Hubert
Frauenrath, Harald
Frisén, Andreas