Inorganic Acids

Inorganic acids comprise a broad portfolio of products used in numerous industrial, pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications. Quality, reliability, safety, optimum logistics and expert services are our priorities in supplying our customers.

Hydrogen fluoride (HF)

Hydrogen fluoride (HF), also known as "hydrofluoric acid", is one of the basic raw materials for a wide variety of both commercial and industrial products. HF is produced by reacting the naturally occurring mineral fluorspar with sulphuric acid. LANXESS offers anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (AHF) as well as various concentrations of aqueous hydrofluoric acid solutions. Further information about LANXESS' production of hydrogen fluoride and its various applications you will find here shortly.

Hydrazine hydrate

Hydrazine hydrate is used on a large scale in the synthesis of agrochemicals, polymers, electronic chemicals, pharmaceutical active ingredients, reducing agents in various application fields and other organic derivatives. In addition, hydrazine hydrate plays an important role as a corrosion inhibitor in power plant water circuits. For these water treatment applications LANXESS offers Levoxin® (activated hydrazine hydrate).

Thionyl chloride

Thionyl chloride is a major inorganic intermediate used in the chemical industry. The most important reaction of thionyl chloride is the selective substitution of OH-groups for the production of carbonic acid chlorides from carbonic acids or of aromatic sulfonyl chlorides. Thionyl chloride is also used in the synthesis of alkyl chlorides from aliphatic alcohols. These substance classes are frequently used as intermediates for the preparation of crop protecting agents, dyestuffs and pharmaceutical active ingredients.


Advantages of thionyl chloride in the substitution of OH-groups:

  • Other functional groups and double bonds are not attacked by thionyl chloride.
  • Secondary products HCl and SO2 are gaseous and therefore easy to separate.
  • The yields are usually very high (also with optically active molecules).

 Chemical and physical properties:

Thionyl chloride is a clear, colourless to light yellow, low-viscosity liquid. Thionyl chloride is miscible with nearly all organic solvents and a good solvent for most organic compounds itself. Thionyl chloride is not combustible and does not form explosive mixtures with air.

Sulphur chlorides

Our portfolio of sulphur chlorides comprises thionyl chloride, sulphuryl chloride, sulphur monochloride and sulphur dichloride. Thionyl chloride is a major inorganic intermediate used in the chemical industry for the synthesis of acid chlorides, sulfonyl chlorides and alkyl chlorides. These substance classes are frequently used as intermediates for the preparation of agrochemicals, dyestuffs and pharmaceutical active ingredients. In order to guarantee for reliability of deliveries worldwide LANXESS is running two state-of-the-art facilities for thionyl chloride, one in Germany and another in India.

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